Ministry Conducted Inside Prison

Certain prerequisites are required and participation in Mentorship require a minimum of one year commitment

       Participation in weekend retreat (Together Encounter Christ (TEC), Cursillo, Walk to Emmaus or other charismatic retreat), Department of Corrections facility training including background check (3 hours)

Time commitment:1 day team formation, 2 1/2 days retreat weekend and1/2 day reunion the Saturday following the retreat.

  • REC Connect – if interested in followup from retreat, monthly meetings following REC retreat at the facility with song, worship and teachings to support a Christ Centered Community within the prison;

  • Charis Retreats - - Prerequisite: participation in weekend type retreat like Together Encounter Christ (TEC), Cursillo or Walk to Emmaus type plus DOC facility training and background check- 3 hours; Time commitment: 3 days team formation (1 outside the facility and 2 inside), 3 1/2 day retreat weekend (Thursday evening thru Sunday) and1/2 day reunion the Saturday following the retreat.

  • Bible Study – meets on a weekly basis; commitment for 1 year. Rotating list of volunteers - may only need to attend once a month.

  • One to One Mentoring - transition programs - Training and support provided by Prison Fellowship ( - one year commitment

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